Manage & Export a Review

Manage review

Follow the instructions below to manage your review(s) effectively.

1. To begin managing a review, go to the Projects page, and 'open' the project containing the review you wish to manage.


Here, you will see all the available reviews associated with the project:


2. Once you have identified the review, hover over it and open the '3dots' menu.


3. From the menu, select 'Manage Review' to open the Review Management Page.


Review management page:

The Review Management page provides a range of features for managing your review effectively.


Image: Example of a review management page.

A. Add new media to the review.

You can import assets from Library or drop files from your computer.

B. Update the name of the review

C. Summary of the number of items and percentage of items with feedback and who has seen the review.

D. Export feedback as PDF.

Use the 'Export feedback as PDF' feature to create a downloadable PDF file of your review.

  • Each PDF contains large thumbnails of each version in the playlist, any feedback or annotation of each, as well as information on who left the note.

Tip: You can also access the 'Export feedback as PDF' feature from the projects page by navigating to the '3dots' menu of selected review.



E. Settings and collaborator Details menu 

  • F. Description- Update the review description.
  • G. Expiration- Set the review to Closed or set an Expiry date.
  • H. Enable/disable extra security features:
    • Allow download of original media
    • Enable/disable collaborator notifications
    • Activate/deactivate passphrase protection
  • I. Track or add collaborators.

J. By default, you will first see the review Details menu, but you can also switch to track the review Activity or Feedback.

K. Get a quick overview of the number of notes, approvals, and versions of each media in the review

L. Use the search option to find specific version(s).

Tip: You can drag and drop your versions to re-organize your playlist.


Delete review

If you need to delete a review, follow these steps:

1. Hover over the review you wish to delete and open the '3dots' menu. 


2. Select 'Delete,' which will permanently delete the review and all its associated data.



Managing reviews on ftrack Review is easy using the step-by-step guide outlined in this manual. Follow the instructions carefully to customize your review settings and access the various features available to help you manage your review effectively.




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