My Account Settings

The Account settings page lets you configure 'Personal' settings and 'Workspace' settings, and the latter is only available for Administrators.


Tip: From the same page, you’ll also be able to view your storage usage


Navigate to the 'Account settings' page by clicking your profile picture (or account icon) in the bottom left of the ftrack Review interface.


Personal settings


Change your profile picture by simply dropping a new image file on the previous one or browsing it via your desktop.

This is also the place where you can update your first and last name, while the email address cannot be changed.




Update your password by first entering your current password and then entering your new password twice to confirm.

From here, you can also enable two-factor authentication, which adds an extra layer of security to your account.




Update notification settings to specify whether you wish to receive emails when comments are added to a Review session.

This is also the place where you can change your language preferences.


Please note: You will need to refresh the browser after saving any changes in the preferences settings.


Workspace settings

Subscription & billing

From the Subscription & billing settings, you can manage your Subscription and Billing information, view Purchase history/download invoices and change the billing Contact information.


Tip: For more information, visit Subscriptions & Billing.


Custom branding

Personalize your account – your own custom logo and company name will appear in the collaborator view, emails, and exports.




Please note: The Workspace Security features are only available to customers with a Review Pro license.


ftrack Review Workspace Security features enable you to better manage the security of the access to your review sessions and protect the copyright of your media content and claim its ownership, ensuring that your clients or colleagues cannot reuse it without your consent. 

You have the ability to enable/disable the Link sharing, require a Passphrase, or set live Watermarking to all your Review content.


  • Link Sharing

ftrack Review enables the Administrators to choose if they allow anyone to access their reviews using only a given URL link, regardless of whether they are an invited collaborator or logged-in user.


Using the ‘Allow sharing via URL’ button, you can disable or enable the ability to invite guests to Reviews via a shared link.

If the feature is disabled, you cannot create or share the URL for the Review access, and you can only invite collaborators via email invites.


Tip: For individual Reviews, you can enable/disable this setting directly from the vertical Sidebar using the ‘Share this review’ menu.


  • Passphrase

ftrack Review enables the Administrators to choose if they request that all the collaborators have to submit a passphrase for entering a Review.


Using the ‘Require passphrase’ button, you can force the collaborators to enter a passphrase to be able to join the review. 


If the feature is activated, the collaborators will have to enter the passphrase to access the Review.



  • You can access the Passphrase code for each individual Client Review from the vertical Sidebar ‘Settings’ menu.
  • From there, you can also force the passphrase for individual Review sessions.


  • Watermarking

Watermarking is a security feature that overlays a visual monochromatic and transparent text on your digital assets.


Using the ‘Require watermarking’ button, you can overlay a visual text on your digital assets.

Once required, the visual watermark will be displayed during your Client Review sessions in the corners of the image.

It visually identifies [A.]the Username, [B.] date/time, [C.] Review name, and [D.] Review ID for each participant. 


In addition to enforced corner texts, you can also add a customizable watermark text [E.] that will appear in the center of the image. 

For that, make sure that the watermarking is required, type in the ‘Watermark text’ and ‘Save’ the setting.



This section contains settings that will affect everyone in your organization.

A. From the 'Language' dropdown menu, you can change the default language preference.

The currently available languages include English, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Spanish, Russian and Korean.

B. By enabling or disabling the 'Include thumbnails' button, you can choose if the thumbnails of the review session media will be included in the invitation and notification emails.


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